Hey y’all! I’m Wyeth, and I’m a Charlotte wedding photographer with deep roots in the South. Jesus, my marriage, and my people are my world. Okay, and let’s not forget my dog! Nothing makes me feel more alive than laughing until I cry. I love drinking black coffee until I twitch a little and building epic charcuterie boards. I am on a mission to celebrate and truly live as much as possible because we only get to do it once!

My couples become my friends, so, you’ve been warned! I don’t take myself too seriously, and if you’re my friend on Instagram then yes, I really do love emojis that much. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings all over the South and I’d really love to be a part of yours! YOU’RE ENGAGED - let’s pop the bubbly and celebrate your best day ever!

Let's get Personal

I'm so glad you are here!

everyone deserves a community of people cheering them on in life and in marriage

I believe

my hubby, casey, and my dog, keeks are the real mvp's of my life  

I believe

sisters make the best friends - and i'm lucky enough to have 3 of them!

I believe


you can always get better at the things that are important to you, but who you are right now is enough

I believe

I come from a family of photographers - my parents AND big sister are all professional photographers! My sister and I even travel together for destination weddings!

fun facts

I moved to Charlotte to work for the Panthers, and I did for two years!  My dog is named Keeks, after Luke Kuechly!  He is always smiling and makes an incredible dog model, if I do say so my dog-mom self.

My hubby Casey doesn't shoot weddings with me, but he does want you to know he took Photography 101 in college and is a WELL above average Instagram Husband.

My NUMBER ONE goal is for you to feel 110% comfortable in front of my camera, because that's how I capture the genuine joy of your love and day.  Don't be surprised when I'm your total hype girl on your wedding day!

more about me

I'm popping the confetti for you and returning your email very soon!

thank you!

Hi, friend! Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you within 24 hours with availability, pricing information, and next steps. 

Let's do this!!

xo, Wyeth

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