While we're on that note, I'm also a firm believer that some of the best things in life come with a good sauce.  

After being born and raised as a Mississippi girl and graduating from Ole Miss, I moved to North Carolina to work with the Panthers and then the Savannah College of Art and Design.  My love for the Carolinas and the Lowcountry only deepened my love affair with the South, and when I was able to combine my passion for photography and travel, I left the corporate world and never looked back.

Wife, Sister, Dog Mom, Believer, Reader, Traveler. Lover of film photography, champagne, and truffle fries.

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I'm the wife of an incredible, supportive (not to mention, hilarious) husband, the daughter and sister of an entire family of professional photographers, and the mom to the world's cutest rescue pup, Keeks.
My couples love and value tradition, their friends, family, and want to have a really good time on their wedding day.  We are believers that your wedding day really should be the best day ever.  You spend a lot of your wedding day being photographed - let's make sure it's an absolute highlight of your wedding experience.  
I promise to capture every moment as I would if it were my own wedding day, to help you capture every detail without you having to even ask or think about it, and to surprise and delight you with moments you didn't even know happened.  
My style is bright, airy, and true to life, inspired by the magic of classic film photography.  Because, after all, classic never goes out of style.

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If you're already one of my couples... I don't even have to tell you how amazing this beautiful human is! Claire is my right hand woman on wedding day, and the best part is - she's yours, too! Claire is my lead second shooter and is most often seen with me on wedding day.  Not only are you getting two shooters to get every angle and each moment on your day, you have another built in bridesmaid. Claire has the most amazing servant heart and is always ready to make sure you are taken care of completely on wedding day. She's also another full-time professional photographer, so you're truly getting the full package with both of us serving you on your day!


My Team

My husband and best friend, the king of the dance floor, and the one making sure your husband-to-be has his collar adjusted exactly the right way.  Quickly after Casey's first wedding with me, we all realized he's a true wedding day MVP.  He's shot epic weddings with me from Jamaica, Savannah, to France and in between, and promises to keep a drink in your hand and a smile on your face during our time together and on the dance floor.

"oh my goodness wyeth, words cannot even begin to encompass what we felt going through our gallery.  we already miss you and casey.  seriously, when are y'all coming over for wine?"
-Brianna + Matthew


My Team

When I said I come from a family full of professional photographers, I mean it!  Rachel is my sister and one of my best friends in the world, and joins me often for destination wedding days!  Rachel has been doing this a lot longer than I have, so if she's there on your wedding day, you're truly getting a dream team.  Rachel lives in Iowa on her dream farm, Pine and Prairie.  When not found behind the camera, she's often hanging out with my awesome nieces and nephew and hubby, drinking Chai, or cuddling with her
Great Pyrenees', Ivan + Charlotte Grace.


My Team

You deserve the best wedding day experience possible.  You get one chance to have your day captured through timeless, joyful heirloom photography.

005. pastels and puff sleeves

004. Oat Milk Lattes

003. poolside reading

002. Gin Fizzes and Veuve Cliquot

001. bows + pearls

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