Renee + Nick’s Ritchie Hill Engagement Session

Ritchie Hill Engagement Session

Oh you guys… my dog loving heart is bursting! What a wonderful night with Renee, Nick, and their sweet pups. The weather was so overcast, and I was afraid all week that Dorian might spoil our plans for this session. In the end, it couldn’t have been more perfect for this Ritchie Hill Engagement Session!

Thankfully, I connected to this awesome couple through the amazing Jenna at Seeded Events. I could not be more excited to capture their wedding in November of this year! The main reason I love these two so much is because you can just tell they are passionate about life and each other the second you are around them. You also can just tell they are each other’s biggest fans! They have put so much care into the details of their wedding.  I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Puppy Love at Ritchie Hill!

Kado and Riley are the best pups. Nick’s mom was in town and was sweet enough to come help us with them until it was time for their close ups 🙂 . I can’t believe this, but Kado is twelve years old! We took some time to just photograph Nick and his pup, and I can’t say these don’t make me choke back tears knowing the love they have for each other. Aren’t dogs just one of the absolute greatest gifts on earth?!

If you ever are going back and forth trying to decide if you want to include your dogs in your engagement session or on your wedding day with me, please do it! The one regret I have from my own wedding day is not including Keeks. I thought at the time it seemed overwhelming, but honestly he is one of the most special parts of mine and Casey’s life together, and I don’t want ANYONE ever feeling like I won’t be beyond happy to work with your pups! It made me so happy that Nick and Renee chose to include them and I just think this made for the most special session.

Cheers to you both, I’m counting down the weeks until your big day!

Hey y’all! I’m Wyeth Augustine, a wedding photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m lucky enough to shoot weddings and engagements all over the South. If you’re looking to book a Ritchie Hill Engagement Session, wedding, or engagement session ANYWHERE please shoot me a quick message over here!

  1. Gary Silber says:

    Wonderful images of a beautiful couple and their sweet dogs. I enjoyed all the images and your writing. I need to keep up with your blog more.

    Your artistry is fresh and natural and joyous. Makes us happy !

    Much love!

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